Chapter 694: A Soul!

Everyone in the Necromancer Kettle was feeling incredibly jumpy. By this point, all of them realized how powerful Bai Xiaochun was, and yet, there were no other options than to try to deal him. After all, they couldn't leave the Necromancer Kettle early. They could only follow the orders of Gongsun Yi and the others, and try to track Bai Xiaochun down.

One by one, they gritted their teeth and continued to search, their main hope being that they could find Bai Hao, surround him, and join forces to kill him.

The Ghost King Orchid was blooming rapidly, and that was their only shot at being able to win it in the end.

As everyone methodically searched for him, Bai Xiaochun was in a valley between two mountains, chest puffed with pride as he looked at the roughly thirty chosen who were all sitting in front of him, glaring at him angrily. He had sealed both their cultivation bases and their limbs, making it impossible for them to do anything other than look at him threateningly.

“If you’re that tough, then just kill us!”

“Hmph! You’ve brought a heaven-level disaster upon yourself, Bai Hao. Not even the Giant Ghost...

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