Chapter 685: The Ghost King Orchid Blooms

“It’s too bad I still don’t have a way to cultivate my Undying Bones….” Although he was happy to have improved his cultivation base again, the mere thought of his Undying Bones got him depressed.

Although he had acquired plenty of treasure from the three great clans, he hadn’t found any objects that could provide abundant life force. That left him sighing with regret at the fact that he hadn’t used his Eternal Parasol on the Giant Ghost King back when he’d had the chance. That would have at least given him a bit of life force to work with.

“What a pity. Well, time and tide wait for no man….” Sighing, he drove such dangerous thoughts from his mind. After all, if the Giant Ghost King ever found out he had thought such things, he would probably skin him alive….

“For now, I’ll have to forget about my Undying Bones. The most important thing right now is my research into fifteen-colored flame….” Obviously, the best way to keep improving his cultivation base was by working hard with multi-colored flame. Up to now, he had already done plenty of research into fifteen-colored flame, but there...

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