Chapter 683: Are You Stupid, Bai Hao!?

After returning to Giant Ghost City, Bai Xiaochun took some time get his emotions back under control. He didn’t like killing, but after everything that had happened to him during his time as Bai Hao, too much frustration and rage had built up inside of him because of the injustice of it all.

For Bai Hao’s sake, he made the Bai Clan pay the price for their past actions. The direct bloodline had been wiped away forever!

After he was calm again, he looked at the pile of dazzling items that he had accumulated, and his eyes began to glitter brightly.

Although he generally wasn’t a greedy person, and wasn’t overly attracted to worldly possessions, he was currently looking at the type of wealth that most ordinary people wouldn’t be able to accumulate even in ten thousand lifetimes. It was enough to get his heart pounding audibly.

Countless vengeful souls.... A seemingly endless amounts of soul medicine.... A deva soul. Innumerable spirit enhanced magical items. As he examined them all, he gasped constantly.

Most moving of all were the secret...

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