Chapter 681: Kill Them!

As the majordomo of Giant Ghost City, his actions were subject to intense scrutiny. Obviously, his action of taking tens of thousands of soul cultivators out of the city to visit the three great clans with violent intentions had not gone unnoticed.

Because of that, news of what had happened in the Cai Clan was already the talk of the town shortly after it occurred. Obviously, it wasn’t even necessary to mention how quickly rumors spread about the Chen Clan….

Almost everyone in the city heard the news, and soon, everyone was talking about the fate of the clan chief.

Faces flickered in shock and disbelief, and soon, the gossip in the city was raging.

“What? He forcibly took Mrs. Chen!?!?”

“Whooaah! This Bai Hao…. Who knew that he had such proclivities!? He actually took a liking to Chen Shishan’s wife. You know, I heard that she’s actually a top-rate beauty that has the perfect body for that type of cultivation….”

“You’re right… I don't...

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