Chapter 675: The Old Pervert!

The mere thought of the Giant Ghost King’s stern, threatening features, and the profound gleam that was always present in his eyes which made it seem like he could peer deep into one's mind, caused Bai Xiaochun to shiver.

“I'm finished. Kaput....” Deep regret filled his heart, and realized that he really, really should not have gone and performed spirit enhancements on his nascent soul. The entire world knew what had occurred, and the mere thought of that left him weak in the knees.

And then he contemplated the potential consequences of his actions, and his heart began to race.... Thankfully, he was wearing his mask, and also had years of experience living under cover. Although he feared death as much as he always had, he had long since become an absolute master at keeping up an act.

“The Giant Ghost King probably doesn’t know my real identity.... If he did, he wouldn't just send a message summoning me to a meeting.... My mask is incredible, so there’s no way anybody can sense my cultivation base fluctuations....” Inwardly, he was grasping at every possible straw to comfort himself, but on the outside, he seemed completely calm. Keeping his hands clasped behind his back, he gave a slight nod to the city guards, and then flew with them toward the royal palace.

Along the way, his facial expression remained completely normal. However, inside, his mind raced as he...

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