Chapter 674: A Huge Sensation

Nine Serenities City and War Champion City weren’t the only two cities to be completely shaken. Spirit Advent City was also thrown into a huge commotion. However, there were simply too many heirs to the throne there. In fact, there were more than 10,000 people who could claim a connection to the royal bloodline. Although some among those heirs could be considered chosen, none of them were as spectacular as Gongsun Yi or Zhou Hong. It was actually one of the young women in the city who was the most famous.

When news reached Giant Ghost City about what was happening in Arch-Emperor City, and that Bai Xiaochun had appeared, it also caused a huge commotion.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun was unaware of that. His nascent soul sat giddily in the turtle-wok, feeling extremely pleased with how this session of cultivation was going. Eyes sparkling, he waved his finger at his eleven-colored flame.

“Heh heh. Let’s keep going!” With that, the turtle-wok began to shine with brilliant light again. However, this time it wasn’t silver light, but rather,...

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