Chapter 667: Majordomo Bai

Bai Xiaochun’s emotions surged under the tide of reverent cheering. Although he was a bit envious of how powerful the Giant Ghost King was, he was also excited by the fact that he had definitely won a big victory of his own!

He quickly hurried over to stand next to the Giant Ghost King, making sure to look like the picture of a loyal servant, glancing around vigilantly in case any rebels might dare make a move.

Although his actions were clearly melodramatic, not a single hint of derision could be seen in anyone's eyes. In fact, most people seemed envious, and clearly wished that they could be in Bai Xiaochun’s place. All of them trembled with the knowledge that this Bai Hao… was going to make a meteoric rise. He was like a calm breeze that had been transformed into a dragon, and would soar to the highest height.

The four heavenly marquises who had not joined the rebellion were now looking at Bai Xiaochun with very serious looks. Even Duke Deathcrier was sighing inside. He knew… that the Giant Ghost King now cared deeply about this Bai Hao!

Obviously, the Giant Ghost King took note of Bai Xiaochun’s exaggerated protectiveness. Although no reaction could be seen on the outside, in his heart,...

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