Chapter 666: Bring Me The Rebels!

The Giant Ghost King’s cultivation base was back, and of the three devas who opposed him, he had killed one, and apparently captured two. It happened so quickly that there was no way for the three great clans to know what had happened, much less the six heavenly marquises back in Giant Ghost City.

Right now, the rebels in Giant Ghost City felt very alarmed as they sat and waited to find out what would happen. If the Giant Ghost King had simply died, then there would have been much less to worry about. But he had been rescued by Bai Hao, a fact which hung over the heads of the rebels like a sharp blade. They could only hope that the three deva patriarchs would manage to find the Giant Ghost King and kill him in time.

As for those who had not openly rebelled, they also trembled in fear. After all, despite not having participated in the insurrection, they had tacitly approved by not opposing it, a fact they could not deny. 

Every group in the city was feeling a lot of pressure. The streets were virtually empty, with all...

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