Chapter 665: Many Pretenses Can Be Seen Through, But Not Flattery

The Giant Ghost King’s words rumbled like heavenly thunder, shaking everything in the world, and Bai Xiaochun along with it.

The pressure coming off of the Giant Ghost King had Bai Xiaochun trembling physically, as if he were a tiny rowboat in a thrashing ocean of angry waves. In fact, he had the premonition that if he made the slightest mistake, he would be destroyed in both body and soul!

The words the Giant Ghost King had uttered just now had Bai Xiaochun scared out of his mind. He didn’t need to think very hard to come up with multiple responses. Whether it was their agreement, or the desperate show he had put on, or the fact that he had saved the Giant Ghost King’s life, they all seemed like viable options.

However, Bai Xiaochun had the strong feeling that he couldn't use any of those as his answer!

The Giant Ghost King was aware of all of those things already, and the fact that he had asked the question he did was very, very telling. Trembling in fear, Bai Xiaochun contemplated the fact...

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