Chapter 664: Game Over

“This game is now over!”

The voice which rang out was as cold as ice. He spoke five simple words, and yet, he was a heavenly king and demigod expert. His energy was the type that heaven and earth could not support, and it even caused black clouds to roil in the sky above. The three patriarchs immediately began to shake under the pressure; the Giant Ghost King didn’t even need to draw upon the power of his cultivation base. His mere threatening gaze was enough to cause the three patriarchs to tremble in place.

This was the Giant Ghost King!!

As of this moment, he seemed to make all colors in heaven and earth fade away. It was as if all creation could do nothing but tremble and bow to him.

That was because he... was a demigod expert!

That was because he... was one of the four heavenly kings of the Wildlands!

That was because he... was the Giant Ghost King!!

As he stood there in front of Bai Xiaochun, he slowly extended his right hand, a hand that seemed...

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