Chapter 663: Scared But Not Terrified!

“Bai Hao! Considering that you’re a member of the Bai Clan, if you simply hand the Giant Ghost King over, I’ll count it as a meritorious service and pronounce you clan chief!” The rumbling pressure coming from the Bai Clan patriarch completely surpassed that of the other two patriarchs.

Although the Cai Clan patriarch didn't seem very happy about what the Bai Clan patriarch had just said, he didn't say anything. Clearly, the patriarchs had come to an agreement of some sort. However, when it came to the Chen Clan patriarch, his desire to kill Bai Hao had actually far surpassed that of the Cai Clan patriarch, although no one knew that.

The things Bai Hao had accomplished so far were completely shocking, so much so that they would eventually shake all of the Wildlands. As a result, the Chen Clan patriarch was absolutely certain that if Bai Hao returned to the Bai Clan, they would eventually control all of Giant Ghost City.

“We can't leave him alive,” he thought. “If he sticks...

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