Chapter 662: I’m Only Doing This To Save You, Old Pal

Not even forty hours had passed since the outbreak of rebellion in Giant Ghost City!

During that short period of time, drastic changes had occurred, which the people of the city found outrageous and terrifying.

First the Nine Serenities King had made his probing attack. Then the six marquises revolted. Four devas joined the fray. The Giant Ghost King had not even been able to make a stand, and yet, that was only the beginning. When it was revealed that the Giant Ghost King was only a clone, the second phase of the event began.

The entire city was turned upside down as the rebels searched for the Giant Ghost King’s true self. That was when Bai Hao showed up on the scene, holding the Giant Ghost King’s true self captive. Everything which occurred after that... would be fixed for all time in the memories of those who had been present.

Three powerful devas were seriously injured, and then... Bai Hao and the Giant Ghost King escaped the city!

From that moment on, Bai Hao would be completely famous within Giant Ghost City....

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