Chapter 660: Ghost King's Soul Blood!

Bai Xiaochun was very excited, and yet, within moments, his face turned ashen, and his heart began to pound!

He had never dared to hope that this was the special spell formation that would lead 50,000 kilometers outside of the city. He had assumed it was just an ordinary spell formation that would put him a short distance away.

However, he had come to the conclusion that, unless Lu Shiyou had been lying about that special formation, he would find it soon.

After all, he had tried out quite a few other spell formations up to this point, nearly seventy percent of the total amount. That being the case, his chances of finding the long-range teleportation formation would only increase as time went on.

And yet... this formation he was standing on was definitely the formation he had been looking for! Unfortunately, although it might seem as though this formation was the one that would save his life, Bai Xiaochun now realized that it was also a potentially deadly catastrophe!!

There was no time to ponder...

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