Chapter 658: Blood, Sweat And Tears

Everyone in the city who heard his words instantly grew hesitant. He had uttered similar words after injuring the Bai Clan patriarch, and although few people had believed him, it still put them a bit on guard.

But now... the Chen Clan patriarch had suffered a similar fate. Everyone was completely shaken.

As for the Cai Clan patriarch, he had been in the middle of speeding toward Bai Xiaochun as quickly as possible, but was now hesitating.

The fact that Bai Xiaochun had seriously injured the deva patriarchs of the other two clans caused fear to pulse in his heart. However, after a moment, his eyes glittered with cold light.

“There might be some danger involved, but it also means this is an opportunity for the Cai Clan to rise to prominence.... Neither the Bai Clan nor the Chen Clan can do anything at the moment. I'm the only one left who can kill the Giant Ghost King. If I do... who would dare to refuse to bow to me!?

“The Cai Clan would dominate everyone! We could unite Giant Ghost City,...

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