Chapter 656: A Lot!

Sonic booms erupted out as the Chen Clan deva patriarch led scores of black-armored Nascent Soul-level ghosts after Bai Xiaochun.

Were it not for the fact that he feared the possibility that Bai Xiaochun might have more methods to endanger devas, the patriarch would have simply gone after him alone. However, he wasn't willing to gamble....

The tragic fate of the Bai Clan patriarch had played out right in front of him. If that patriarch had reacted only slightly slower, and had not taken advantage of the heat of the moment to speed back to the safety of his clan, then the Cai Clan patriarch would definitely have caught him. Although the Cai Clan patriarch would not have exterminated the other patriarch and his clan, he would definitely have forced the Bai Clan patriarch to pay a heavy price to stay alive.

Because of all that, the Chen Clan patriarch didn’t want to take any risks. Eyes flashing with cold light, he performed an incantation gesture, pushing the black-armored ghosts forward with greater speed.


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