Chapter 655: Myriad Children Blood Banner

As the search continued in Giant Ghost City, Bai Xiaochun led the Giant Ghost King through one teleportation formation after another.

Not a single one led them 50,000 kilometers outside of the city. Bai Xiaochun had no choice but just keep trying to find that particular formation. As a result, the glow of teleportation could be seen popping up all over the city.

Sometimes such glowing light would rise up in the east, sometimes the west, sometimes the north....

The cultivators of the three great clans and the soldiers of the six heavenly marquises’ armies were all aware of what was happening. Although they were shocked to discover that there were so many teleportation formations within the city limits, there was nothing they could do about it. Gritting their teeth, they continued the search, many of them rushing toward the nearest glowing light that indicated a teleportation was underway.

The rumbling of the teleportation formations filled the air as Bai Xiaochun dragged the shocked Giant Ghost King here and there. “That wasn’t it.... Not that...

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