Chapter 652: Demigod Soul Detonation!

Bai Xiaochun’s shocking words caused all sorts of thoughts to go through the minds of the people in the area. If he had said something completely random and meaningless, then it likely wouldn’t have resulted in anything to speak of. However, people almost immediately realized the implications of what he was saying. Even the clan chief gasped.

Many of the ordinary soul cultivators in the area were turning to look at the Bai Clan patriarch.

Everyone knew that deva patriarchs were clever and conniving, so it wouldn’t be anything surprising to find that what Bai Xiaochun had said was true.

After all... three great clans had put their lives on the line in this rebellion.

Everyone reeled in shock, and the Bai Clan patriarch's mouth began to turn into a smile. Bai Xiaochun, looking very meek and obedient, slowly neared the patriarch, with the Giant Ghost King...

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