Chapter 651: How Brilliant, Patriarch

“You got what you deserved!” Bai Xiaochun said angrily. “You listen to me, you old bastard: don’t push me! When I get pissed off, I frighten even myself!”

Fear still lingered in his heart from moments earlier. He knew that if he had been even a bit slower, allowing the Giant Ghost King to gain control of the spell formation, then he would have died.

As he wallowed in that lingering fear, he glared at the Giant Ghost King with such intense killing intent that it left the man shaken. Furthermore, considering that he was willing to humiliate his own father, was vicious and merciless, and had reviled his own clan, then obviously, provoking him would be a huge mistake.

At the moment, the Giant Ghost King could only bow his head and vent his anger inwardly. “He definitely wants something from me,” he thought. “Fine. I’ll just endure and refrain from provoking him.”

Even as he lowered his head, the clan chief and other members of the Bai Clan flew out from the stone...

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