Chapter 649: Human Shield

Bai Xiaochun was quite excited by the thrill of the moment, so in response to the Giant Ghost King’s threatening words, he angrily yelled, “Still trying to threaten me? How dare you! Don’t push me. I'm the number one dark inquisitor in Devil Penitentiary. When I get pissed off, I frighten even myself!!”

Then he placed his hand onto his bag of holding and considered whether or not to take out an Aphrodisiac Pill.

When the Giant Ghost King saw the rage in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes, he was shocked. Then he remembered hearing that Bai Xiaochun was a dark inquisitor, and soon, hatred began to build up in his heart. He was a majestic demigod expert, the illustrious Giant Ghost King. The fact that a small fry like this was threatening to torment him caused him to grit his teeth in anger. However, he still managed to calm down.

“What do you want, Bai Hao? Just tell me! Spit it out! Don’t tell me that your betrayal of the Bai Clan was some elaborate plot!?!?” The Giant Ghost King was able to control his...

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