Chapter 648: How Exciting....

The little turtle was completely wrapped up in the idea of getting some treasure. On top of that, the Giant Ghost King’s true self was just up ahead. Therefore, in response to Bai Xiaochun’s words, he immediately flew out and allowed Bai Xiaochun to grab him.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” the little turtle rebuked anxiously. “What’s with all the delays? Fudge! The chance to clean out a demigod is a good thing! Why are you hesitating? Rewards come only with risk! Without taking chances, how can you ever profit?!”

Chuckling inwardly, Bai Xiaochun kept his tone sincere as he said, “I'm just young and don’t have any experience in this kind of thing. My apologies, Lord Turtle. Please don't take any offense, sir.”

With that, he headed toward the cell that contained the Giant Ghost King’s true self.

This was the first time the little turtle had ever heard Bai Xiaochun speak so politely to him, and it felt wonderful. Very proud of himself, he decided that he should take some time to educate Bai Xiaochun a bit more in the future, to prove how wise, intelligent, and courageous he himself was.

Even as the little turtle reveled in his own pride, Bai Xiaochun flew closer to the Giant Ghost King’s cell. Inside was the old man...

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