Chapter 646: The Giant Ghost King's Game!

Laughing loudly, the Bai Clan patriarch said, “You can be controlled with wood-type power, Giant Ghost King, and even more so during your decay period. How will you fight back now?!”

With that, he shot toward the Giant Ghost King, joined by the patriarchs from the Cai and Chen Clans.

The look on the Giant Ghost King’s face remained as calm as before. His energy and his cultivation base were being rapidly eaten away by the wood dimension, to the point where he was no longer in the Demigod Realm. He was now in the Deva Realm, and in fact, his power was diminishing so rapidly that it would soon be that of the Nascent Soul stage!

And yet, he seemed completely calm, with the same confident smile on his face, as if he were facing nothing more than a group of clowns. Of course, that only made the patriarchs and heavenly marquises even more nervous.

Intense rumbling sounds filled the air as the Giant Ghost King single-handedly took on three devas and six near-devas!

Even as the shocking scene played out up above, the armed forces of the three clans, as well as the soldiers of the...

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