Chapter 645: Rebellion!

“You should have said so earlier. Scared me half to death.” Bai Xiaochun flicked his sleeve in distaste. Although a special sealing mark was needed to get into those 27 special spell formations, he could simply do so with his Undying Hex....

“If I can get through the Great Wall’s spell formation, then there’s no need to even mention some little teleportation formations.” Sticking his chin up, he looked down at the dead Lu Shiyou and felt very proud of coming out on top in this battle of wits.

“You can only blame your lack of insight into my abilities!” With that, he strutted out of the cell.

Although the death of Lu Shiyou caused some complications, it wasn’t anything the guards of Cellblock B couldn’t take care of. After giving the deputy warden the information regarding the man’s loot stash, the fact that he was dead didn’t really matter.

Of course, the guards weren’t stupid. They realized that Bai Xiaochun must have uncovered some other secret, and had been forced to silence Lu Shiyou. However,...

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