Chapter 642: Decree From The Heavenly King!

No one could possibly guess what the Giant Ghost King was actually thinking. It really did seem like a situation of putting on a weak front in order to lure the enemies out of their strongholds. However, in other ways, it actually looked like he was trying to reach a compromise....

The more one was privy to the behind-the-scenes information, the more confusing things became. After all, the Giant Ghost King was a demigod, a fact that put a lot of pressure on the three great clans.

Duke Deathcrier’s trip to visit the three deva patriarchs cast suspicion into all of their hearts. However, each and every one of them made various demands, all of which seemed excessive in some way.

They had done so intentionally, of course. In some ways, such demands would make it seem like they weren’t interested in rebelling. For example, if the Bai Clan was planning a rebellion, they would intend to win it, and would therefore be confident in being able to take care of Bai Hao on their own. They wouldn’t need the Giant...

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