Chapter 641: Smells Like Treasure

The fact that an elder from the Cai Clan had gone missing didn’t cause a huge commotion. The Cai Clan didn’t even seem to have noticed, and also didn’t look into the matter very deeply.

It was the same in Giant Ghost City, where life went on like it usually did....

The Giant Ghost King didn’t do anything out of the ordinary either. In fact, to anyone who wasn’t aware of the events which had just played out, it would seem as if nothing at all had happened. However, it was very different among the people who were in the know.

To them, it seemed like a storm of disaster was brewing!

The people in Devil Penitentiary who had heard the Cai Clan elder’s confession were all very nervous, and didn’t dare to discuss the matter. They merely waited to see what would happen next.

“It's been a whole month,” Bai Xiaochun thought. “Why hasn’t the fighting started yet?” He had been paying very close attention to the situation, and yet, even after an entire month, neither the three great clans nor the Giant Ghost King had made a move.

“Even if the Cai Clan wasn’t originally aware that one of their elders was captured, they would definitely have found out by...

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