Chapter 633: Two Birds, One Stone

Bai Xiaochun took Zhou Yixing with him as he left the area of the teleportation portal. After checking to make sure they weren’t being followed, they stopped in a random alley to catch their breath. Then Bai Xiaochun finally took a moment to think about how the three great clans had been buying so many souls that he was left with almost nothing to buy. In fact, they had even gone so far as to offer ten times the normal price for some souls just now.

“Complete bullies. Well... Bai Xiaochun is the type of person who knows how to be flexible. I’ll just have to sit back and hold tight!” Considering how terrifying the Bai Clan patriarch was, and the fact that he was temporarily stuck in the Wildlands, he realized that he had no other choice.

It was at this point that Zhou Yixing, aware he had just escaped a disaster, clasped hands and said, “Many thanks, milord. If you had come even a moment later, I... I probably...

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