Chapter 632: Once The Heavens Change

As soon as Bai Xiaochun heard the message, his eyes turned even more bloodshot than before. If Zhou Yixing had merely been involved in a deadly fight, it would have been more acceptable, but to hear that someone was trying to steal his souls was a different matter....

Right now, Bai Xiaochun wanted souls more than just about everything else. And considering that none of the shops in the city had any souls to spare, Zhou Yixing was his last hope.

“I only need to practice five more times and I’ll be able to conjure fourteen-colored flame. As of this moment, anyone who tries to steal souls from me is my enemy!” Enraged, and having no time to argue with the two crown princes, he rushed out and headed in the direction of the teleportation portal.

As soon as he was out in the open, he flew up into the air and hung his Devil...

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