Chapter 628: Splitting The Loot....

As Bai Xiaochun strutted along, the captain and guards of Squad 9 hurried along beside him, their eyes shining with reverence and awe.

In the cultivation world, people always respected the powerful. It was almost like a natural law. However, in Devil Penitentiary, there was an additional law, and that was to respect inquisitors!

Inquisitors were the ultimate representations of wealth and status!

In the past, Zhao Feng had been quite popular as the inquisitor of Squad 9, and had been treated with incredible respect by the captain. The inquisitors of all squads were treated similarly.

But now, everyone could tell that Bai Xiaochun was an incredible inquisitor; even Zhao Feng was convinced. Therefore, it was only natural for everyone’s passions to be aroused.

“Brother Bai is actually a top master!”

“Hahaha! Sorry for the misunderstanding earlier, Brother Bai. But let’s forget about that. From now on, we’re brothers!”

“With such abilities as...

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