Chapter 627: Promoted To Inquisitor...

The rest of the members of Squad 9 couldn’t see what was happening inside of the skull cell. All they could see was dense, black smoke that was impenetrable even by divine sense.

“What is Bai Hao doing?”

“He’s in there alone with the prisoner, hidden by black smoke? Don’t tell me the two of them are working together to plot against us?!”

“Something seems off....” The various members of the squad were all whispering back and forth to each other, some of them with expressions of disdain, others with frowns. The captain was starting to worry that he might have been a bit impulsive.

Zhao Feng stood there with his arms crossed, smiling coldly as he said, “Like I said, this guy--”

However, before he could finish his sentence, a maniacal scream suddenly erupted from within the black smoke.

The shocking scream clearly came from the mouth of Old Devil...

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