Chapter 626: I Hope You'll Break The Record

The other guards couldn’t help but sneer at the question, and the long-faced young man actually laughed sarcastically.

The captain shook his head. Sighing, he explained, “Some people can be soulsearched. But once your cultivation base reaches a certain level, and your soul fuses with your fleshly body, you can use all sorts of methods to defend against soulsearches. At that point, forcing a soulsearch won’t lead to good results.”

Raising his voice to reach all the guards, he said, “We don’t even have two days left now. If we don't get the answer soon, then Squad 10 is going to come along and take over.” 

Then he looked back at Bai Xiaochun and continued his explanation. “The prisoners here are all powerful and important people. Most of them have secrets, and many of them were rich. According to the rules of Devil Penitentiary, whichever squad can pry the information out of them can benefit from what...

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