Chapter 624: Captain, What Exactly Are They Going Off To Do?

“Prisoners....” Bai Xiaochun got nervously to his feet and walked out of his room. The captain was waiting there outside, a smile on his face.

Bai Xiaochun knew that he needed to develop a good relationship with the squad, but that wasn’t very difficult. He just needed to stop thinking about how he was a Core Formation expert with four deva soul clones, and that he could even kill lofty Nascent Soul cultivators. He just needed to act like an unimportant person. Therefore, he put a look of both respect and cheer on his face as he clasped hands and bowed, then said, “Captain, you really didn’t need to come in person. If you have orders for me, just send a message.”

Actually, Bai Xiaochun already liked the captain to begin with, so it was easy to give him a particularly deep bow.

The captain seemed a bit surprised. The truth was that he had no other choice than to come get Bai Xiaochun. According to the rules of...

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