Chapter 622: Devil Penitentiary

Bai Xiaochun couldn’t stop sighing in his heart about how humiliating it was for a spectacular major general like himself to be in this situation. However, considering the circumstances, he knew that he simply had to come to terms with it....

“Ah, whatever. Considering that I, Bai Xiaochun, am so outstanding and awesome, it doesn’t matter where I end up, I always earn a new level of respect!” As he tried to pump himself up, he looked at the man who had just stepped out of the whirlpool. By this point, he realized that Li Xu must be the leader of Devil Penitentiary, and also his own future superior. Furthermore, this man here must be an assistant of some sort to Li Xu.

“Get moving,” the man said, “otherwise you’ll have to wait outside for another day.” 

Bai Xiaochun already didn’t like this guy.

“I didn't do anything to offend him!” he complained inwardly....

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