Chapter 618: Another Battle With A Deva!

This area was still considered to be under the control of Giant Ghost City, and therefore, could be considered to belong to the Giant Ghost King himself. And of course, the Giant Ghost King was a person who surpassed the heavens in terms of status here.

Bai Xiaochun was reaching the border, however. He could actually see the vast desert off in the distance, a place filled with swirling winds.

Eyes sparkling because of the enlightenment from Bai Hao’s notes, he gathered his thoughts and then pushed on toward the desert.

“I’ll head out into the desert for a few months to let the situation calm down. Then I’ll consider whether to come back here, or go to one of the other kingly cities. All of them have teleportation portals that could get me home.... In the meantime, I can...

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