Chapter 615: Captured Alive!

The Waterswamp Kingdom was a divine ability that Bai Xiaochun had learned in the Spirit Stream Sect. However, to date, the entirety of his life essence spirit had not yet been revealed. Only after merging with the deva souls he had acquired, and creating his clones, had he been able to reveal the beast's claws, to defend himself against Mistress Red-Dust.

However, the clawed hand visible now seemed much larger than the one that had appeared during his fight with Mistress Red-Dust. The energy surging out seemed to obscure the will of the heavens! Furthermore, down beneath the curved claws was something that looked like a black land mass!

However, it was no land, it was actually the hand of Bai Xiaochun’s life essence spirit!

It was impossible to even imagine what that hand would be like if it appeared fully out into the open. However, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone in anticipation...

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