Chapter 613: Heavens!

His voice contained incredible frustration and rage, the type of fury that could only come from watching one’s own beloved son be killed. Based on the tone of his voice, it was as if every moment in which Bai Hao existed, there were countless invisible forces screaming at him in fury, accusing and blaming him for what had occurred.

Rage built upon rage, and echoed out with the clan chief’s voice as an enormous soul fist smashed into the exploding arrows.

This soul fist was fully 300 meters from top to bottom, and was formed from countless souls. This was a secret magic of the Bai Clan, the 30,000-meter Soul Fist!

At the moment, it wasn’t 30,000 meters, and that was because of the level of the clan chief’s cultivation base. However, even a 300-meter soul fist was still nothing to scoff at.

Quicker than words could tell, the soul fist appeared, smashing through the air to bear down on Bai Xiaochun.


Deafening rumbling...

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