Chapter 609: The Patriarch Makes A Move

“He’s coming out!!”

“He’s bringing that twelve-colored sea of fire with him... heavens!” The clan members outside the stone gate were trembling, especially the ones who weren’t very close to the gate itself. Their faces were as ashen as death, including one young woman who was the very same person Bai Xiaochun had encountered on his first day in the clan. Her expression was a mask of despairing terror.

Everyone in the entire clan was now looking at the stone gate!

As the entrance to the ancestral land opened, the clan chief bellowed and entered. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun shot toward the same location, taking the twelve-colored sea of fire with him.

The heat from the flame caused the clan chief’s face to flicker; he could sense how threatening it was, and yet, nothing could suppress the madness in his heart.

He had just watched his...

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