Chapter 608: Let The Show Begin

Bai Hao had risen to complete prominence. He had crushed Bai Qi and stolen the deva soul, inundating the Bai Clan with floodwaters of astonishment.

The representatives from the other two clans were astonished to the ultimate degree.

As for the emissary from Giant Ghost City, his eyes were shining brightly, and he had long since transmitted news back home about what was happening. Earlier, he had assumed the matter had already ended; never could he possibly have imagined that the show... was only just beginning!

“Master necromancer!”

“Everyone used to say that Bai Hao was the garbage of the clan, a bastard son who was so lowly he wasn’t worth paying attention to. They even said his latent talent was the worst quality possible. But now, the lowest of the low has practiced cultivation to an unheard-of level!”

“People said that he was equally untalented in necromancy. But now... he conjured a seven-colored flame...

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