Chapter 606: Collecting The Deva Soul

“I refuse to accept this!! How can you possibly compare with me, Bai Hao? From the time we were kids, I was the strongest, I was the most important, and I had the highest cultivation base! I refuse to accept this!!” Bai Qi’s scream was one of utter despair, the most wild, raving scream that had ever escaped his lips in his entire life. It lasted for only the briefest of moments, a bright shining light that was cut off moments later in destruction!

Rumbling sounds filled the sky of the ancestral land as Bai Xiaochun’s all-destroying palm made contact with Bai Qi, eradicating all of his divine abilities and magical techniques. Bai Qi was like a snowflake hit by a firestorm, and was completely incapable of providing even the slightest scrap of re...

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