Chapter 604: If You Kill Me, You're A Traitor!

After the ancestral land was closed, opening it from the outside required time. However, the clan chief was desperate, so much so that his eyes were completely bloodshot.

“Clan elders,” he said loudly, “lend me a helping hand! That unfilial bastard must die!!”

A few of the clan elders from the direct bloodline flew forward to help forcibly open the stone gate.

However, the other elders hesitated, especially the grand elder from the Hall of Justice.

Enraged, Madam Cai shrieked, “If you dare to stand idly by, and my Qi’er gets hurt in any way, then I won’t let any of you off the hook!!”

In her desperation, Madam Cai even turned to the representative from the Cai Clan to ask for help.

Although the man hesitated at first, they were related, so after a moment passed, he came forward to help. However, despite all that, the entrance wouldn’t budge.

Even with the help of a deva patriarch, the gate wouldn’t open quickly. At best,...

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