Chapter 603: Damn You, Bai Hao!

Everyone was completely shaken by what they were seeing. The glitter of countless magical items, numerous soul medicines and endless soul bodies was enough to obfuscate the sky.

All of the cultivators on the mountain were having a hard time staying on their feet, but as soon as they saw the vast number of items flying up, their eyes began to burn with passion, and they began to shout out loud.

“That's... a mid-grade soul medicine!”

“The Magesword of Annihilation! Heavens! That’s one of the most powerful magical treasures in our clan!”

“That’s... a metal-type deva beast soul!!!” 

Bai Lei looked on in stupefaction as Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, causing whooshing sounds to fill the air as all of the items which had just flown up began to speed toward him.

That included almost everything that had been placed onto the mountain, and yet, Bai Xiaochun completely ignored them, and simply sent them to the fifth...

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