Chapter 602: Take What I Want

Very few people on the mountain had even noticed the change in Bai Xiaochun. Most everyone else was transfixed by Bai Qi as he dealt with the final restrictive spell at the summit, and were looking on with jealousy, frustration, and countless other emotions.

“This is really unfair!”

“That’s right. Even if Bai Qi were more of a chosen than he already is, he shouldn’t have been able to make it to the top of the mountain that easily. I don’t care if he is in the great circle of Core Formation!”

“Hmph! I was watching him, and from what I could tell, he knew how to deal with those restrictive spells before he even got to them! It was too easy for him!”

“Come on, don’t you realize what's going on? Not even Bai Lei put up a fight. It’s obvious that the ancestral land was opened just for Bai Qi! The leadership already decided to...

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