Chapter 597: Condemned By Law!

How shocking!!

It only took one short moment for all mouths to be silenced.... Some people had been making fun of Bai Hao, others had been deriding him. Some had been looking on in boredom, others had been enjoying the excitement. But as of this moment, everyone looked like statues frozen in place with shock.

As the moments ticked by, and people began to recover, the sound of panting could be heard. Expressions of shock and disbelief could be seen everywhere. As for the fifth young lady and Bai Lei, they were clearly reeling in astonishment, and were staring at Bai Xiaochun with almost complete disbelief.

The silence only wore on for a short time, though, before the entire clan erupted into a huge commotion. People shot to their feet, looking ever at Bai Xiaochun with shock and other mixed emotions. Soon, there were even expressions of admiration.

“That answer... surpasses all of the other answers!!”

“Heavens! Is that really Bai Hao? The useless, pathetic Bai Hao? It will become its own world... this... this type of boldness, the type that can dominate mountains and rivers, how is it even possible?!?!”

“A world, a whole world.... That must be it! That must be the correct an...

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