Chapter 596: Bai Xiaochun's Answer!

Bai Qi spoke loudly and clearly, and even backed his voice with the power of his extraordinary cultivation base. As a result, everything in the area trembled, and the clouds in the evening sky roiled in shocking fashion.

It was almost as if heaven and earth were confirming that his answer was correct. The faces of the clan members in the area all flickered, and many seemed to suddenly be struck with new insights. Countless shining eyes focused on Bai Qi.

“A phoenix that could dance in the highest heavens, the foremost among all birds in the world! This answer….”

“How come I didn’t think of an answer like that!?!?”

“I would never have dared to think in such a way. How could a single feather actually turn into a living creature!?!?”

The fifth young lady trembled, seemingly lost in thought. As for Bai Lei, although his hands were clenched into defiant fists, inside he was sighing. He knew that his own skill in spirit enhancement didn’t match up to Bai Qi's, and that Bai Qi’s answer was certain to become a legend in the clan.

Bai Xiaochun’s gaze sharpened...

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