Chapter 595: Bite My Tongue

As the grand elder’s words echoed out, the clan members gathered by the shrine hall all looked on with thoughtful expressions. Apparently, a lot of consideration had been put into how this assessment would be carried out....

There was no set answer. Rather, each response would be based on each person’s varied experiences and skill sets in spirit enhancement. As such, it would be a true test of each individual’s level of enlightenment.

The question also touched upon matters of flame conjuring and soul medicine. Although the other two were different branches of study, one’s abilities in those regards would affect one's understanding of spirit enhancement. Therefore, although the question seemed simple, it was actually extraordinarily complex!

Furthermore, it was exactly as the grand elder had said; if one did not dare to contemplate certain matters, then it would be impossible to make them a reality. In some ways, his question actually pertained to each person’s Dao!

It wasn’t just the ordinary members of the Bai Clan who were suddenly looking very thoughtful. The clan elders and...

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