Chapter 593: Cold Father Bai!

The anger that burned in Bai Xiaochun’s heart was fueled by his compassion and sorrow for Bai Hao. Although he had just said he didn’t understand, the truth was that he understood exactly what was going on!

Combined with everything else he had already learned, the situation was crystal clear. Perhaps the clan chief had not always been aware that Bai Hao was extremely talented in flame conjuring. However, after Bai Hao gave him the formula for fifteen-colored flame, how could he not know?!

He knew that Bai Hao was a talented flame conjurer, and also knew that there had been no cheating done in the trials by fire. He knew all of these things beyond the shadow of a doubt!

As a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and the clan chief, he could get information about anything he wanted in the Bai Clan as easily as turning over his hand. In fact, Bai Xiaochun couldn’t imagine that the man was unaware of how Bai Hao had been chased down and killed....

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