Chapter 591: Magical Rain Of Fire

A rain of fire descended onto the Bai Clan, illuminating everything with bright red light. The clan was immediately thrown into a huge commotion, and power was poured into the spell formation to defend against the incoming flame.

Countless clan members rushed out of their residences to look up into the sky, whereupon astonished shouts began to fill the night sky.

“What... what is that?!”

“Don’t tell me we’re under attack!?!?”

“Aaahhh! It’s a rain of fire....”

The heat from the fire was almost at the level of twelve-colored flame, causing rumbling sounds to echo out as the clan’s defensive spell formation twisted and distorted. One by one, powerful clan members flew up into the air.

“What happened!?!?” Bai Qi was there in the crowd, looking shocked, as was Madam Cai, who had emerged from her mansion to see what was happening.

“Twelve-colored flame... that’s... twelve-colored flame!? How is this possible! It's...

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