Chapter 583: Bai Hao, Bastard Son

“Am I still me...?” Bai Xiaochun thought. Even he could tell that he had changed in a fear-inspiring and dangerous way. “There’s a deva patriarch here! I... I can’t believe I'm actually attempting to steal a deva soul right out of the tiger’s mouth....” 

He rubbed his eyes a bit, but no tears came away. He really was at the point where he wished he could cry, but there were no tears to shed. Inwardly, he sighed.

There was no question that a younger version of himself wouldn’t have entered this place even upon the threat of being beaten to death. Yet... here he was, taking the initiative.

“It’s all the fault of Mistress Red-Dust and Chen Hetian! They’re forcing me to do this.... Dammit, when I get angry, I frighten even myself!” No matter how he sighed, though, there were no other options available. Settling his thoughts, he tried to make himself look even more taciturn as he headed into the city.

“The Bai Clan is one of the three...

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