Chapter 576: I'm Looking At You!

Bai Xiaochun almost couldn’t control his breathing as he reached out and made a grasping gesture, causing the soulhoarding pagoda to fly out of the soul cultivator’s hand and fly toward him.

As soon as he had it in hand, he sent some divine sense inside, and detected a strong spatial power that was uniquely designed to nourish souls!

Now that his speculations were confirmed, his eyes began to shine with bright light.

“So, I was right! Soulhoarding pagodas really are like bags of holding! Except, they’re specifically designed to hold vengeful souls. If you put souls into a bag of holding, they slowly degenerate and eventually just fade away. But if you put them in a soulhoarding pagoda, they’ll stay in perfect condition forever!

“Furthermore, the reason I couldn’t conjure eleven-colored flame wasn’t a lack of proficiency with the technique, nor any problems that cropped up during the process. The reason... was because the souls I was using to try to make the eleven-colored flame had already begun...

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