Chapter 573: Help Me, Fellow Daoist Bai!

As Bai Xiaochun went about his flame conjuring, eight days went by....

Meanwhile, some distance away, Zhou Yixing was flying along through the air, his hair disheveled, coughing up blood.

Chasing him was a group of more than a hundred savage giants.

“You people push things too far!!” Zhou Yixing howled in frustration. Bai Xiaochun had asked him to bring back 100,000 souls, but with his cultivation base sealed, that was an almost impossible task. Although he was actually in late Core Formation, he had never recovered completely from the labyrinth, and that meant that the five percent of his cultivation base he had access to gave him battle prowess roughly equivalent to early Foundation Establishment.

At one point, he had considered taking advantage of his relative freedom to flee. However, he soon discovered that if he went too far away from Bai Xiaochun, the restrictive...

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