Chapter 572: I Refuse To Believe!

The instant the ten-colored flame appeared, the entire cave was illuminated by brightly-colored light. In fact, the light even pierced through the walls of the cave, making the entire mountain light up brightly.

An intensely strong pressure emanated out from the flame, causing Bai Xiaochun’s eyes to go wide with excitement. He even started to tremble visibly.

“I did it! I concocted ten-colored flame!!” He even felt more excited about personally conjuring multi-colored flame than he usually did when concocting medicine.

In contrast to Bai Xiaochun’s excitement, Zhou Yixing’s mind was struck as if by lightning. He simply stood there gaping, his thoughts wiped clean by the sight of the ten-colored flame.

He wanted to believe that he was simply hallucinating... but unfortunately, wasn’t able to fool himself in such a way. He had just witnessed his own clan’s formulas used to conjure everything from one- to ten-colored flame.

It was a matter that had already turned his world upside down. Back home, even patriarchs...

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