Chapter 562: Beast Claw Shreds All!

“I don't care how many deva souls you have,” Mistress Red-Dust shrieked. “I wouldn’t care if you had a Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul cultivation base! Today is the day you’re going to die!” Mistress Red-Dust’s face was distorted with such madness that it seemed even her aura was negatively affected. As she yelled, her Dharma idol grew larger, transforming into a sun which began to rumble toward Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun’s true self was joined by three clones to fight back against a single deva-level palm strike being delivered by Mistress Red-Dust. With even one less clone, all of them would have been killed in body and soul.

Although death still seemed to be an inevitability, at least they were able to delay that dismal outcome for a bit longer than before.

Thankfully, it was in that very moment that, as the sepulcher collapsed into nothing around them, the teleportation...

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